Friday, March 5, 2010

Three years later

Hard to believe I've been on LDN three years today. I can still remember the excitement of getting the prescription, and of course the excitement of getting better. I can't really remember what it was like being as sick as I was before starting LDN - I remember it on "fact-like basis", like "If I did that, the consequences were like this" but not really what it was like. And that's good. Hopefully I will never be that ill again.

In the last year I've deteriorated quite a bit due to my hypopituitarism getting a lot worse. I am likely severely deficient in all hormones now, but I can't get see an endocrinologist, get tested or have treatment for most of the deficiencies. Especially the growth hormone deficiency has been quite gruesome (I look like a creature from a horror movie these days), and the adrenal insufficiency has almost ended me up in the hospital about 100 times.

It's hard to know what's hypopituitarism and what's CFS/ME, but I probably wouldn't suffer much at all from CFS/ME if the hormonal deficiencies were fixed, especially since I started tyrosine and inosine last year. Luckily LDN still works well.

The manuscript of the second Finnish version of my CFS/ME/fibromyalgia treatment book has been finished and has finally found a publisher, a Finnish academic publisher, and will come out later this year. Possibly as early as May, but it might take until the autumn. I guess I should also mention that I will be speaking at the LDN conference in Scotland in April.

P.S. It makes me immensely sad (and kind of angry too) to see people with very well treatable illnesses saying they will never get better. That they don't just believe it, that they "know it".