Sunday, July 8, 2007

After a short rougher patch I've been doing quite decently (except that my stomach still hates me and my skin looks nasty). A few days this week I never really woke up, after that it's been ok. I think the tamsulosin (and perhaps the olive leaf extract I tried soon afterwards) fucked up my body for a while and it's now recovering.

Unfortunately my urinary frequency is still a lot higher than usual, and it's bad enough without any worsening. Having to go to the toilet 3-5 times a night is not much fun. Similar thing happened a few months ago after one tizanidine pill (it also works through the alpha receptors like tamsulosin), my urinary frequency worsened for 2-3 weeks. I guess my body is trying to tell me "don't fuck with the alpha receptors". :-P

My Finnish LDN site is now finished, see If you can't understand Finnish you can't get much out of it, except that it has an extensive (yet far from conclusive) list of references about LDN and related research. Also, I uploaded an LDN documentary film I found on the LDN website on Google Video: Next week I'm finally going to send my book to the clinic of infectious diseases where I used to be treated, and ask that they consider using LDN and some other meds.

A woman with a myriad of different kinds of health problems (including cancer). I met on DA has improved a lot thanks to a combination of thyroid supplementation, allergen avoidance, LDN and large dose sublingual B12 (the latter two I suggested to her). I hope I can help many others to achieve such improvement.

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