Sunday, July 29, 2007

LDN saved my summer

So, I was in the Netherlands for 11 days (my third time there already). It's weird how well it went. In the winter I was sure I couldn't make it. I discussed the possibility of what it would be like to go in a wheelchair with my friend a while back, and it would have been otherwise possible, except that I don't think my SO would have agreed to. But luckily I was able to handle it on my feet, thanks entirely to LDN (well, maybe with some credit to the lipoic acid as well). I was most worried that it would be too hot there as the heat has been killing me this summer - but it was in fact cooler than in Finland. No problems sleeping due to the heat (though I did have unrelated sleeping problems).

I had to drop a whole bunch of supplements for the duration of the trip. Normally I carry a big jar with all kinds of supplements mixed in the same bottle, but you can't really do that when flying, unless you want to appear like a drug dealer. So I took just Q10, R-LA, B12, vitamin C, magnesium fizzies and my prescription meds with me. It might not sound like much, but I had to drop at least Siberian ginseng, multivitamin, glucosamine, ALCAR, MSM, NAC, probiotics and some herbs I take occasionally like valerian and rhodiola. Some of them I will have to drop permanently soon, anyway.

The probiotics would have come in handy though, as my stomach was quite upset at first. But I bought some kombucha tea which seemed to help a lot (I wish I could get a culture of my own). And I didn't have much joint pain at all, despite the lack of glucosamine. Maybe (hopefully) I don't need it any more. Oh, and I forgot to mention I managed to get rid of ginkgo after over three years! Thanks probably to the combination of LDN, piracetam and B12. I have tried to drop it before but have had to go back very quickly. No I didn't notice anything.

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