Wednesday, April 4, 2007

One-month conclusion

I've now been taking LDN quite exactly for a month, depends on how you count. I made a kind of summary of perceived improvements so far. I hope I haven't forgotten anything, though most likely I have.

Main symptoms

fatigue: improved quite a bit
brainfog: somewhat improved, still very bothersome
cognitive fatigability: improved quite a bit
muscle endurance: improved quite a bit
muscle weakness: improved quite a bit
chronic urticaria: 80-90% better
tiredness: pretty much unchanged
fever: temperature is a bit higher, but the feeling of feverishness is reduced
urinary frequency: unchanged at first, recently worsened (I don't think it's due to LDN, it gets worse at times)
muscle aches/soreness: somewhat improved
sleep: not much different in either quality and quantity, a bit better which could also be due to the reduced stress as a result of better functionality
IBS: better, though I have some bloating and constipation at night due to the LDN
infections: none so far, either bacterial or viral

Other symptoms

headaches: have got two in the last month, quite normal
migraines: none, though either of the headaches could have been a migraine, hard to say as there was no aura and ibuprofen always helps my migraines
seborrhea: 20-30% better (but now pretty much gone to a new shampoo I started about a week ago)
orthostatic hypotension: hard to say, I hadn't had much of it recently
nausea: haven't had much of it during the treatment, but in the beginning I did get nauseated
sensitivity to smells and such: seems to be still be there
non-allergic food sensitivity: I haven't tested yet
congestion/post-nasal drip: unchanged
lymph node swelling: seems to be better, hard to say because it varies a lot
hair loss: hard to say, hadn't had much of it recently (usually I have a lot of it all the time)
exercise-induced asthma (not anything to do with CFS): improved quite a bit

Other parameters

weight: unchanged, or perhaps a bit decreased due to more activity and exercise (I don't have anything to weigh myself with) - on the other hand I'm hoping I might have regained a tiny bit of muscle mass which would outset the possible weight loss
mood: unchanged (good)
libido: unchanged (normal)
appetite: unchanged (normal), though I sometimes get a bit more hungry in the evening than usual
skin in the face: a bit worse at first, now pretty much the same as before
hair and nails: pretty much the same, hair is perhaps a bit less greasy

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Joanna Sacharz said...

First thanks a lot for your work towards this website. I know it is mostly not active anymore but well I will post this post, maybe somebody else will answer it. I read through all the march and your lose doses of naltrexone, and to me it looked like it rather helped you with your fatigue and tiredness but now you did this review after a month of taking it and do you say that it didn't help pretty much all all, expect for you urticaria. It puzzles me a lot actually did you fogey who you felt at the beginning before LdN?