Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I got a prescription for piracetam yesterday. It's a medication that I've wanted for several years now due to my cognitive problems, which haven't been relieved by LDN as much as I'd have wished, and luckily my doctor thought it was alright even though he had no prior knowledge about the drug.

I've taken four 1200 mg tablets yesterday and today as an "attack dose" and after that I'll probably take 2-3 tablets a day. Hard to judge about brainfog, but the circulation in my limbs feels better already.

So I'm taking a hefty number of pills and such at the moment, even after I dropped carnosine and astragalus, both of which I had been taking twice a day. Each amount is for the single pill, eg. I take 3 1.5 mg pills of LDN at once for a total of 4.5 mg a day.

  • piracetam 2-3x1 (1200 mg)
  • LDN 1x3 (1.5mg)
  • bromelain and quercetin 3x1 (125 mg/250 mg) (I will probably drop this as soon as it ends, it doesn't seem to work)
  • glucosamine 3x1 (500 mg)
  • sublingual B12 and folic acid 1x (1 mg/400 ug)
  • acetyl-L-carnitine 2x1 (500 mg)
  • R lipoic acid 1x (100 mg)
  • ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) 1x (100 mg)
  • siberian ginseng 1x (1,000 mg)
  • probiotics 1x
  • gingko biloba 3x20 drops (hopefully the piracetam will let me drop this, I've been taking it for three years and it's the most inconvenient supplement, even though it works well)
  • oil of oregano 2x2 drops
  • magnesium citrate 1x (sometimes up to 3x1) (100 mg)
  • vitamin C 1x (500 mg)
  • a multi vitamin with essential minerals included 1x
  • vitamin D about 30 ug a day (not every day, but it averages to that amount)

That works out to a total of 22 pills/capsules and a bunch of drops. But it has been similar in the past, eg. last autumn when I was taking many things I currently do and eg. prednisone, omeprazole, vitamin B complex, glutamine, astragalus and a total of five pills of beta carotene a day (the latter was a short trial recommended by some doctor in eMedicine, didn't work), then I averaged 22 as well. :-P

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