Monday, March 5, 2007

Before starting

Today has been a fairly standard day. Just reporting for later comparison. I slept quite decently last night, which is somewhat of a rarity. Plenty of vivid but fragmented dreams. Had to go to the toilet twice during the night (I think). Getting up was a real drag as always.

Fatigue and tireness levels have been moderate, though they rose quite a bit when I sowed some seeds - working with my hands seems to greatly induce fatigue for me. Luckily typing doesn't do that. Muscle weakness and stiffness is at a moderate level as well. Cognitive dysfunction has been fairly alright, though I did forget something but I already forgot what I forgot. Go figure. I'm having trouble concentrating.

No urticaria today yet, also quite rare. IBS has been worse than usual, could be because I'm nervous about the upcoming treatment. Fever hasn't been that bad, except for a bit of shivering at times. No aches, headache or nausea. No neurological symptoms. Skin is quite dry with sandpaper like spots in some parts of my body, but my face is more spotty than a few weeks ago. Armpit lymph nodes are sore as usual, but only if I touch them.

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