Monday, March 5, 2007

Starting today

So, today I will be starting my experiment with LDN, low dose naltrexone, an immunomodulatory drug that has been mostly used to treat MS and other autoimmune illnesses, but many people have had success with using it for CFS/ME as well. I might be the only person in Finland taking LDN for something other than MS, and it's very rare even for people with MS, but the pharmacy had compounded LDN before. I was really lucky to find a great doctor who admitted that he actually likes experimenting with new things. If LDN doesn't work or doesn't work much, I'll probably be doing piracetam, pyridostigmine and calcium channel blockers next, and will try pentoxifylline (OTC) as well.

Previously I've tried eg. numerous OTC alternatives (including OTC meds, herbs, amino acids, vitamins and such) and prednisone, which helped me a lot for a short while (I was essentially in remission, but then it ceased working, and the withdrawal was nasty and took eight months (ouch). It did seem to provide permanent relief from my chronic fever, which is still there but not as bothersome as it used to be. I've also been prescribed beta blockers to use as needed, but I no longer need them (see below).

Currently I am taking the following things:

  • acetyl-L-carnitine 2x500 mg a day (for cognition and muscle function mostly)
  • R lipoic acid 100 mg a day (for muscles)
  • ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) (doesn't seem to help my fatigue, but has almost entirely got rid of my nasty heart problems which are due to mitral valve prolapse and perhaps some other heart damage I have from CFS)
  • L-carnosine 2x200 mg a day (I'll probably discontinue this soon, as it doesn't seem to do anything )
  • siberian ginseng 1,000 mg a day (mostly for cold prevention, and I know both scientifically and anecdotally that it works)
  • astragalus 2 tablets a day (I'll probably discontinue it soon since I'm not sure it does anything)
  • probiotics (helps my IBS a great deal)
  • gingko biloba (significant relief for my severe cognitive dysfunction)
  • oil of oregano (as I'm very prone to bacterial infections and this is incredibly helpful for them)
  • vitamin C 500 mg a day
  • a multi vitamin with essential minerals included
  • vitamin D about 30 ug a day

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