Sunday, March 11, 2007

Whoa, huh

Yesterday was definitely a real test for LDN's efficacy. We were to first go to friends' engagement party (and even before that I worked on finishing my book and did a load of dishes from the previous night's baking session) and then to another (music) party right afterwards. I had some nasty stomach churning before the first party, but luckily it went away by the time we got there, as there was loads of good food and I ate a lot of it. My legs got quite sore as I spent most of the time either standing or walking around the house, so I was worried about the seocnd party. And usually socializing really wears me out.

It didn't help that we had to run to the bus when going from party A to party B, otherwise we would have had to wait for half an hour for the next bus. My legs felt awful. Then we had to queue for like 20 minutes at the door. But once inside I got to sit down and stretched my legs several times, which really helped. I had also grabbed a bunch of magnesium and some ALC while at my house between the parties and it could have helped too.

To my great surprise I realized that I could actually dance despite the severed legs, my legs didn't have the heavy as lead feeling that has been present for a long time and at times really hindered walking even the shortest distances. It wasn't wiggling this time, but real dancing, even if not as full-blown as some other people's. I could dance and it felt great, even if a bit sore. I think that if I hadn't exerted my legs before the party I could have danced for quite a long time. It was like a few years ago when I could still go partying at times despite the CFS. It was as if LDN had suddenly wiped off a few years of disease progression. And surprisingly I don't feel bad now. A bit tired because I didn't sleep enough, but not fatigued and my muscles don't hurt at all. I'm seriously impressed.

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