Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Doing well so far

Yesterday was a very good day overall. I did a lot of stuff, eg. planting and doing an interview of a friend with severe CFS. I couldn't get my dictaphone working properly as I had forgotten how it works, so I did the interview with pen and paper. Normally both of these things would have worn me out severely, as does everything where I have to use my hands a lot and "heavily". My muscles did get weak and sore but they seemed to regenerate fairly quickly and it the exertion didn't translate to overall fatigue. In fact I hardly had any fatigue during the day, only some tiredness. I did get some urticaria in the evening, but it was mild.

Also luckily the side effects (which weren't too awful to begin with) considerably lessened the second night. I fell asleep without much trouble, no tremors at all. I did get the hunger pangs when going to bed (despite having prepared with a large meal almost immediately before) but they weren't as bad as the night before. No bothersome dreams. I went to the toilet two times during the night (I think) which is a normal amount. I've had constipation and bloating which seems to have been caused by the LDN (at least exogenous opioids affect motility and transport time etc, so I guess endogenous ones do the same).

I woke up a bit earlier than I'd have normally and do feel a little tired, but not really fatigued. My muscles feel better than usual. I feel like my skin is a bit smoother than usual, but that could be just my imagination. I think that today I'm going to work on my book, write the interview article or most of it - and make pancakes! If this really is just placebo or something I should be able to find out. I think I'm going to stick with 3.0 mg for the rest of the week and then switch to 4.5.

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