Saturday, March 10, 2007

Looking at the improvements

We made lentil pie last night. It took about three hours, but I wasn't at all exhausted. LDN really seems to be working, I don't think it can be just placebo. My seborrhea is at least 50% better than usual. I haven't applied hydrocortisone on it once since I started the LDN and still it hasn't really itched. The skin in my face seems slightly worse than before, but I'm hoping it's just the LDN "ridding the toxins out of my body" or something. Heh. The urticaria is still there, but much milder than usual.

I'm still fairly congested, I'd have expected LDN to help that since it's definitely an immune system symptom. But we'll see if it disappears later on. I can't remember feeling feverish at all the whole week. The cognitive dysfunction hasn't improved much, which is a bit discouraging, but maybe it will pick up. If not, piracetam should take care of it later. One very minor side effect seems to be that I get nauseated a little more easily, eg. I may start feeling very slightly nauseous when in a bus. Not that bad really.

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