Thursday, March 15, 2007

Run, forest, run!

I got an email from my doctor saying that he had already prescribed LDN for another patient of his. Whoa! I really hope (s)he'll get good results, both for his/her own sake and the sake of encouraging future LDN prescriptions for others.

I've tried to stretch and walk as much as I can every day, even though the former feels a bit silly since there's "nothing to stretch" as my muscles aren't sore and crampy as usual. But I know it does good for circulation and joints at least. I try to rotate and stretch myself into every possible direction instead of just doing "classical" pre/post training stretches.

Yesterday I actually made several walks and during the last walk I tried to see if I can run short distances (like 100-200 m) as a form of interval training. To my surprise I could and I even enjoyed it. I would get out of breath in the end just like a normal person would, but it would dissipate in 5-10 minutes instead of taking an hour and it would not feel particularly awful. My muscles didn't complain at all. No bad after effects. I'll probably try to do more of that today.

Compare this to the day two weeks ago when I had my doctor's appointment. I ran like 50 m trying to catch a tram which was ahead of its schedule, I failed to catch it and I got some kind of an asthma attack (I have exercise-induced asthma, no meds) and I pretty much felt like dying, my muscles felt like shit for a long while afterwards and I could hardly walk from the tram stop to the doctor's office.

Some people think that I haven't exercised much because I'm lazy and unmotivated and don't like it, but that's total bullshit. I didn't like it much when I was still healthy, but I guess CFS learnt me a lesson (how lame). A few years ago I used to walk a lot, go dancing and do a well-planned combination of stretching and mild muscle workup up to 4x45 minutes a week. But then I got too sick to even stretch much and my ability to walk greatly diminished. I'd love to go bowling - if I could just lift the ball! - and if I suddenly got 100% healthy I'd probably get a gym card, at least if I could afford it. Off-topic rant ends now.

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