Saturday, March 24, 2007

Still alright

Yeah, the badminton went well. I felt incredibly hot but didn't really get fatigued. The 45 minutes went incredibly quickly. Not much fatigue today, but some of my muscles feel rather sore and have got worse during the day despite multiple stretching sessions. When I woke up I felt a bit icky and concluded I was still dehydrated and lacking salt, so I munched on some salted nuts and crackers. I have a feeling I took too much magnesium citrate (500 mg I think) yesterday, and the vasodilation caused the hotness and flushing face and got my sodium levels out of balance. But no big harm done and I will keep that in mind in the future.

We made Ethiopian lentil soup today. It was rather good. Sadly I'm still as oversensitive to onion fumes as I used to be, which makes cooking with onion rather tricky even if you keep the window open and someone does the actual chopping.

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